Monday, January 28, 2013

Lies that never dies.

Assalamualaikum readers,

There are certain part , episode , sheet in our life that there would be uncertain. Girls and guy there is a term white lies in the oxford dictionary which says that a lies that are not considering as a lie , LIE. Please remind yourself semua orang pasti ada sebab to make a lies. Well, sometimes we have to react positively towards them. Don't be too harsh making a judgement on someone. We are born as human, we making mistake which sometimes we regret. And there is some mistake that would hunt you through out our life. Yeah,thats scary! And yet there still no single ways to overcome it.
Dear readers, apologizing, saying sorry, and forgiving that is what necessary in life, just forgive and forget, let bygones be bygones. Don't keep a revenge. If the mistake hurt you in all ways around up and down, inside outside, left and right, just forgive them because the pain will relief by the times. Our heart is too soft, senang senang sahaja broken, that's why we always being terasa with all our friends even they are making some bodoh bodoh kecil mistake. Come on guys, we are living in the real world, a cruel world. Stop being childish and too emotion, believe me you'll regret it.
Let me put it all together, be positive be please, be humanity. Consider each other, put yourself in their shoes.stop making judgement and accept people as what there are.
InsyaAllah you'll be happy!

Confession: tak semua benda yang kita expect from someone will be true,so if someone that you really trust,lie to you, just overcome it by buat buat tak tahu and keep on trusting them, sebab it will not hurt anyone. And percayalah, once you deciding to keep believe in them , all that tak puas hati will just go away by times.
And friends, takkkan lah just from the simple mistake kau sanggup nak lepaskan all the memories that you have been create together?
Come on lah beb, rugi. All the thing yang kau dah share, all the time that you have been spend, just hilang macamtu.

Love : aku sayang apa yang aku ada, And to let everything go, it just so not me.

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