Monday, January 28, 2013

Dendam pendam segala.

Man, it hard for me to differentiate it!
I love you lah bodoh. Kau tak nampak ke gila.
One things that is so true about me is, i easily forgive and forget.
I am not much the one yang suka dendam pendam segala. I am not the one who will repay the revenge and all.
Aku marah sejam kemudian aku lupa, aku okay.
I hope you'll be like that! I love you down to the earth.
And please, forgive all the mistake mistook mistaken that i have has had done,

Every relationship is like a fairytales, always have a happy ending, and i am hoping ours are same too,
All that we had gone through together, all the memories, all the cries and laugh, please don't end it, i love it as it are.

Confession : i always believe that in relationship all you need is love. As long as you love your partner and as well as he/ she then hujan ribut taufan puting beliung will never be an excuse and reasons for you to break up. There will never even a reason sebab musabab.

Because we choose to love and we choose to be love, dua dua ada hak, dua dua buat keputusan. Thus, bila kita sudah decide untuk bersama, we decide to be in love, kenapa decide to end the love? Kenapa? Kenapa?
I don't understand.
Kau galas responsibility, kau tahu kau ada tanggungjawab and you are ready kan? Thus, itu bermaksud kau sedia dengan semua gala bagai cabaan dugaan dan cubaan yang akan datang, dan kau sepatutnya bersedia untuk pertahankan relationship tersebut. Relationship shows how bertanggung jawab you are man,
Kalau kau tak bersedia with the commitment, then don't even start!
Don't even start! Don't even let yourself to be in love. Kau tak berhak, kau tak layak.
Well of course prevent is better than cure.

Human, man, we're human.
Yes, there are a lot of man/woman that are greater than his/her, a man/woman that are more attractive, more seducing, more intelligent, more caring, and more fortunate. That's life, full of temptation . Please be contented. Don't be deceived by those things.
Because Didn't you ever realize that there are people also greater than you, but yet she/he still choose you.

Kita ada akal kita boleh fikir. Think man.

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