Sunday, June 3, 2012

Microbes can kill you,

Assalamualaikum murid murid,

Today we will learn about microbes in water yeah, don't fall asleep!

Microorganism growing on nutrients in stagnant water quickly use up the dissolved oxygen in the water. Thus, in the oxygenless water of course fish will die and anaerobic activity produces odors, that is why, air yang tenang busuk, kan?
and dekat anaerobic activity it enhance the growth of microbacteria and parasite yang harmful to human,

So, jangan mandi manda dekat tempat yang air tenang tak bergerak, bahaya! And water made disease yang paling teruk is kencing tikus, paling paling tidak pon uolss akan dapat diarhea kan? Cirit birit, it is because of bacteria bacteria nakal ini lah,

Wave action in shallow layers, or water movement in river, tend to increase the amount of oxygen through out the water and aid the growth of aerobic population of bacteria.

so, actually ombak sangat berguna in giving oxygen to water, because bacteria in water akan used up the oxygen, if no wave bacteria akan guna semua oxygen and no fixation makanya it will enhance the growth of microbacteria, tak kesahlah pathogenic bacteria or not,

Chlorine is the most effective way to disinfect the pathogenic bacteria.

Thus, even drinking water also supposedly kene disinfected with chlorine. But, there are some concern that chlorine itself might be a health hazard, sebab it could react with other organic compound to form carcinogenic compound, jadi jangan pandai pandai nak letak chlorine dalan drinking water,

Perasan tidak? dekat kolam kolam renang, recreational water, sunway lagoon, bukit merah and all tempat mandi manda ada bau chlorine, because some pool takde wave, such as swimming pool, thus manager letak chlorine to disinfect pathogenic bacteria, awesome kan!

Ah! And for those yang suka bercamping tu, pergi sungai mandi mandi, i encourage uolls to bring first aid kits, sebab dalam first aid kits ada chlorine, before nak mandi manda tuang sikit chlorine dalam sungai, if you dont have chlorine any alcohol pon boleh, as long as environmental friendly, :)

Confession: memang lagi seronok membaca buku microbes tebal tebal sebab baru tahu facts yang awesome!

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