Monday, January 28, 2013

in shahid.

Assalamualaikum, this is a story on october 2011, a friend of mine.

"Salam, to my beloved friends, today a friend of mine in kmb just passed away, maybe Allah loves him more than we can love him, but that is not the issue here. What happen to him is inevitable but there is possibility it could be detected earlier, but the doctors who treated him never really treat him seriously. He was suffering, constant headache, pain, he couldn't even sleep for nights, could eat, my room was just 3 rooms away from his and across him room is the only way to the shower. Imagine the pain, i still remember what one doctor said to him, " saya tahu awak nak mc, tak payah lah nak berlakon sakit", i was shocked to hear that.

Can't u even see his face, he could even barely walk, and someone has to hold his hand. Another doctor even said," dalam sebulan, datang buat appointment, baru bole further", is that even humane? i know that maybe there are cases where students play truant n act sick n all, but when it comes to your profession as a doctor, there are responsibility not only that of a doctor to a patient, to Allah and as well as to yourself, i believe a doctor or what so ever person u'll be should carry out ur responsibility to a full extent. The doctors didn't even examine. They should have been more thorough. I am furious with this fact that doctors are slacking from their responsibility. What is the mindset of a doctor? Is it wage or is it to help?

Being a doctor bukanlah glamour semata-mata, u have a large responsibility, tanggungjawab yang merangkumi bukan sahaja family kau but all the ones who are in need, setiap kali ada patient, check betul2, make sure, u think ur intuition is always right? intuition is a part of emotion that is always influenced by our past experience and feelings, its sometimes unreliable at cases like this, so please, when u become a doctor, make sure u do your job, same goes to other occupation that u'll have one day.

Al Fatihah to arwah Ihsan Shaharani.

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