Monday, January 28, 2013

kisah kita.

#This post in censored, and can’t be seen by certain people.

Cerita hidup kita. Hanya kita yang rasa, hanya kita yang tahu.I am not living your life. So please respect mine. Which you are actually should ! And for sure, I am not living my life according to your expectation.  And I will never will.You can spread all the rumors, you can make a lot of stories about me, you can stab me from behind berkali kali but at the end, it all comes back to you. It the way life is.You don’t have to feel inferior just because I’m moving so fast. It just what God has planned it for me. Don’t be so jealous of me. You don’t have to.
You may think and say that your life is better than mine, you got family, you got friend, you got car, you got money, you got lover and all but seriously people, you don’t have a life.Buat apa nak cerita jaja jaja kisah orang? See there, obviously, u doesn’t have a life to live for.If you are happy enough, kau tak akan ada masa nak jaja jaja reka cerita kisah orang. My life maybe doesn’t as great as yours, but at least I’m not the one who ada masa gossiping about others.Seriously, this all are pftttt! I am sick of it. Dear people, please don’t judge people based on what you see or what you fell. It may break their heart, and at the end they will break yours too. it’s a karma man. Mind that.
I am sorry for being so kasar here. Assalamualaikum, and have a nice day people.

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