Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well, so many things happens and untold.
Sometimes we just don't know what is the most right things for us.
Dilema. Kaku. Terpaku.
Sometimes, it was just so wrong, but yet we still doesn't know why we did it.
Sometimes we swaying a promises, but we tend to break it.
Sometimes, the ending was happy, but the climax, the plot, the character, the setting, was all wrong, hard and harsh.
Sometimes, all that we wish for never happens.
Sometimes, we just can hope and pray.
Pasrah dan Redha.
But in all, it all berbalik pada kau sendiri. The way you deciding your path. The way you choose a road. The way you stop at junction. The way you looking at people. The way you wan't to treat people.
Kau pemegang steering. Kau pemegang gear. Kau pijak break. Kau tekan minyak. It's all depends on you.
Kau tentukan arah.
You can't expect them to be you. Human, people! We all human.
Okay, i am complaining.
Human being. Kau yang tentukan kau nak maaf siapa.kau nak benci siapa.Kau nak sayang siapa.
Kau boleh pilih.
Kalau politik kau boleh pangkah mana mana parti kau nak. Kau boleh pilih siapa menteri besar. Kau ada hak. Itu hak kau. Hak manusia.
Dan hak aku?
Aku pilih kau. Thats mean? You know why.

'Sometimes, all that we wanna hear is just maaf. A forgiveness.
Buang kau punya ego. Bongkak. Sombong.'
Aku. Itu aku.
Kadang kadang aku lupa. Ingatkan aku.
Kadang kadang aku buta. Jadi tongkat aku.
Kadang kadang aku bisu. Jadi mulut aku.
Kadang kadang aku pekak. Jadi telinga aku.

Satu pasal human. How hard you try to learn to understand human. You'll never ever understand them.

Confession: aku bukan minta. Aku harap.

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