Saturday, October 1, 2011

the dirty truth about friendship.

this is me. well in this life we would never found a persons really similar to another, yup.we might seen they look approximately identical physically.but even a clone could never be same. that is why every each of us are different,unique and one and only. because only us have the gene of our self and only us,ourself do inherits and express our personality. i have a lot of friend! do agree,that making friend are very easy,but a real friend are very hard to find
nak tahu tak? :) bila cakap pasal kawan, i'll senyum sampai ke telinga.and all the memories grandiloquent in my mind. it was like there were a specific space in the cerebrum which save every each of the beautiful moment in friendship through my whole life. kawan datang dan pergi. but there were never a word ex-friend in any other dictionary,or even the dictionary of my life. mengaku disini,pernahlah about two or three times i click button unfriend in facebook. im sorry for that. tapi percayalah that,unfriend is never exist.
dulu,masa asasi, i have such a wonderful klik.that were never been replaced. in this whole life,to find a klik that we were really comfort with are so hard.
true friendship is seen through the heart,not through the eyes. true friendship is never measured in days or decade. real friendship is shown in times of trouble,prosperity of full in friend.
friend makes the world go round!
haha.kawan kawan asasi. i do miss you all hardly. *okay,childish. =.=
maaf ketika waktu asasi im being bored,arrogant,snobbish and etc.
if,i,if,if,if..waktu boleh undur kembali, i'll appriciated you all more kawan kawan. i'll spend my whole masa with you all.
kawan kawan, terimakasih untuk segala memori, terima kasih for being part of my life. terimakasih kerana sudi hadir in my life journey. i love my life and the one in it.

Best Friends Forever Quote

confesion: aku bahagia dengan segala yang berlaku masa asasi, i wish i could go back in times and really enjoying my live to the limit. in degree lifstyle,aku sudah tiada hati to make friend. tak sombong,cuma tidak mahu cari peganti korang. sweet tak aku? :) haha.
kawan kawan asasi, sumpah aku rindu zaman kanak kanak kita di timur.

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  1. hey auntie! ur words express my deepest thoughts. :D