Sunday, November 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum readers.

this post are unable too see by certain people. p/s: no hard feeling yeah.

lately.hati aku was too soft.unable to accept things yang kecil kecil.too fragile,senang sangat nak menangis. even kau jalan depan tinggal aku kat belakang pon,it enough to make me cry . huh!
give and takes, that what we need in life.
penat lah nak simpan perasaan sorang sorang.
do you have ever feel too depress but there is no one being beside you.holding you shoulder (which you are supposedly need) ?

confession: considered laa. people lies because they doesn't have confident in themselves.tahu tak? and that's you kawan.


  1. luahkan lah saje Lala, nnt pendam lama-lama meletup nanti bahaya hehe :D Jangan sedih-sedih sayang, kita ada kawan utk berkongsi masalah :D