Saturday, October 1, 2011

peluang. :)

 confession: the most beautiful rainbow comes after the hard rain, yet. it is true :)

it had been about a month,since the day i left my home.
segala dugaan ,susah payah,cabaran,semua sudah dilalui.well, to be frank,i became more egoistic from days to days.kenapa? i am lost!totally lost.aku rasa empty.kosong.and i am far away from my comfort zone.  :(
i miss the moment where i have everyone by my side,the day when i never feel all alone,the day i have everything.hah! tahu,aku tahu.sometimes kita kene keluar dari comfort zone,to achieve what we want in life.
aku perlu betulkan niat.grab semua peluang depan mata and enjoying the life.kan?
MasyaAllah, too many things happened sepanjang bulan ini,,and my mood was up and down,maaf untuk segala kekasaran dan kesombongan, emotional was mood of the month kot,maaf ya, for those yang selalu nampak i am happy smiling here and there dahulu,but now always see me buat muka tengik mintak penyepak,sometimes terjeling,or pandang sebelah mata, i am actually never meant to be.
sekali lagi maaf besar besaran. this month was too hard for me.
sebenarnya,i really need a motivation, miss syaira syafiin and miss hayyu fatehah, thanks for all the advises,cares and shoulder, sumpah i really need that.
 'take a very good care of yourself'' terima kasih miss ameegha.i was soo terharu. even it was just a simple word,but it hold a thousand meaning,terimakasih.
i am just missing the old times too hard.
kawan kawan. the days was so crazy, that people think we're high.and days were so bored,we laugh so hard we cry! all the inside jokes and saying 'remember when' just some of the reasons we always be friends.
i am being emotional again.haih!
dear readers, please,please,please.. do support me in continuing this life.i am began to drown.

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